Knezevic  Atlantic Council Citizen Awards NYC 2016

Empowering economic regional cooperation with the goal of strengthening the positive forces of interdependencies and building sustainable and secure future for the region

With the refugee crisis, rise of populist parties, exit of Britain from the European Union we are now entering a truly pivotal time in Europe. All this is placing Western Balkans in front of new challenges in time when we still struggle with past burdens in order to build democratic and prosper societies.

But with the challenges come also the opportunities. Positioned on crossroad of geopolitical turmoils of our time, Western Balkans is now in position to be good example. 

President Clinton and Dr Dusko Knezevic CGI2016

That was the message of the plenary session of the 12th Final Clinton Global Initiative ( New York, September 19 - 21) where I was honored to participate.

In the conversation with Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and Camil Durakovic, Mayor of Srebrenica, president Clinton has priced the reconciliation that is enabling the region the imagine future together.   



Similar messages we heard discussing the Future of Europe and the region within Concordia summit (New York, September 19 - 20)  Strategic Dialogs organized in partnership with Atlantic Council from Washington.

 Concordia Summit  Future of Europe NYC 2016

Balkan and world leaders agreed that stability and security are possible through working together, strengthening positive aspects of interdependence through cooperation and focus on future. 

Western Balkans and stability in the region were topic also on the event in EastWest institute (New York, September 21).

In the discussion president of the institute, Ambassador Cameron Munter and Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic stressed that focusing on economic development and cooperation within and between the countries of the region is way to move forward are enabling sustainable future and investments for the Western Balkans.

Vucic and Knezevic  EastWest NYC 2016


Strategical position of the Western Balkans stressed also President of Podesta group, Tony Podesta.  During the meeting in NYC we had opportunity to discuss current state of things in the region and Azerbaijan, the country very interested in investing in the Western Balkans and whose government is the client of Podesta group.    


By making business friendly environments and cross border initiatives, we as a region, are in position to attract more investments from Middle East and Asian markets as well as to connect through infrastructure Europe with this growing and energy rich markets. 


All this events that I was honored to participate, strengthen the mission that we envisioned with Summit100 Business leaders of SE Europe. Because in all the discussions on different events in New York, always has been stressed the roll of economic cooperation in strengthening the positive forces of interdependencies and building sustainable and secure future for the region.

Because, as we have always highlighted at the Summit100, by working together on joint economic projects we will create more secure and sustainable region and enable investments and business initiatives that will bring prosperity for the citizens in the region

Dr Dusko Knezevic

President of Atlas Group

Member of the Board Summit100 Business Leaders of SE Europe 

LinkdIN, October 2016

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